Durban Super Giants Fixture SA20 2024 Fixture

Durban Super Giants Fixture SA20 2024 Fixture

Durban Super Giants Fixture a vibrant city on the east coast of South Africa, is known for its stunning beaches, rich cultural heritage, and now, its Super Giants SA20 team. The Super Giants SA20 is a cricket team that represents Durban in the South African domestic cricket tournaments.

The Birth of Super Giants SA20

The Super Giants SA20 was formed in 2024 with the aim of promoting cricket in Durban and providing a platform for talented local players to showcase their skills. The team is owned by a consortium of businessmen who are passionate about cricket and are committed to developing the sport in the city.


  • Jan 11, Thu Durban Super Giants vs MI Cape Town Durban 03:30 PM / 05:30 PM
  • Jan 13, Sat Sunrisers Eastern Cape vs Durban Super Giants Gqeberha 03:30 PM / 05:30 PM
  • Jan 15, Mon Durban Super Giants vs Joburg Super Kings Durban 03:30 PM / 05:30 PM
  • Jan 18, Thu Pretoria Capitals vs Durban Super Giants Centurion 03:30 PM / 05:30 PM
  • Jan 20, Sat Durban Super Giants vs Sunrisers Eastern Cape Durban 11:30 AM / 01:30 PM
  • Jan 23, Tue MI Cape Town vs Durban Super Giants Cape Town 03:30 PM / 05:30 PM
  • Jan 26, Fri Paarl Royals vs Durban Super Giants Paarl 03:30 PM / 05:30 PM
  • Jan 28, Sun Durban Super Giants vs Paarl Royals Durban 01:30 PM / 03:30 PM
  • Jan 30, Tue Durban Super Giants vs Pretoria Capitals Durban 03:30 PM / 05:30 PM
  • Feb 03, Sat Joburg Super Kings vs Durban Super Giants Johannesburg 03:30 PM / 05:30 PM

Future Aspirations

The Super Giants SA20 has set its sights on becoming one of the top cricket teams in South Africa. They are dedicated to nurturing young talent, fostering a winning culture, and consistently delivering strong performances on the field. With the support of their fans and the commitment of their players, the team is well-positioned to achieve their goals.

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The Durban Super Giants Fixture SA20 2024 is not just a cricket team; it is a symbol of Durban’s passion for the sport. With their talented squad, community engagement initiatives, and unwavering fan support, the team is poised for success in the upcoming domestic cricket tournaments. Durban’s Super Giants SA20 is set to make a mark in South African cricket and bring glory to the city.

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