Ireland Under-19s Squad for ICC World Cup 2024

Ireland Under-19s Squad for ICC World Cup 2024

The Ireland Under-19s cricket team has announced its squad for the upcoming ICC World Cup 2024. This highly anticipated tournament will showcase the talents of young cricketers from around the world, and the Ireland Under-19s team is ready to make their mark.

Under the guidance of their experienced coaching staff, the Ireland Under-19s have been preparing rigorously for this prestigious event. The squad consists of a talented group of players who have shown great potential in domestic and international competitions.

The Squad

The Emerald Isle’s rising stars are gearing up for the biggest stage in youth cricket, the ICC Under-19 World Cup 2024 in South Africa! Here’s a handy table showcasing the talented 15-man squad announced for the exciting tournament:

Philippus le Roux (c)19Right-hand batWicket-keeper batter
Macdara Cosgrave19Right-hand batTop-order batter
Harry Dyer18Left-hand batRight-arm off-breakAll-rounder
Daniel Forkin18Left-hand batMiddle-order batter
Ryan Hunter17Right-hand batOpening batter
Finn Lutton17Right-hand batRight-arm mediumAll-rounder
Scott MacBeth19Right-hand batMiddle-order batter
Carson McCullough18Right-hand batTop-order batter
John McNally18Right-hand batRight-arm off-breakAll-rounder
Jordan Neill18Right-hand batRight-arm off-breakAll-rounder
Oliver Riley19Right-hand batRight-arm mediumMiddle-order batter
Gavin Roulston18Left-hand batRight-arm off-breakAll-rounder
Matthew Weldon17Right-hand batRight-arm mediumLower-order batter
Reuben Wilson17Right-hand batRight-arm mediumWicket-keeper batter

Keep an eye on these promising players:

  • Philippus le Roux: The experienced captain, known for his aggressive batting and sharp keeping.
  • Harry Dyer: A talented all-rounder who can swing both ways with the bat and control the ball with his off-spin.
  • Ryan Hunter and Carson McCullough: Two exciting young openers who can provide explosive starts.
  • Gavin Roulston: A versatile left-hander who can contribute with both bat and ball.

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Preparation and Expectations

The Ireland Under-19s have left no stone unturned in their preparation for the ICC World Cup 2024. They have participated in various training camps, practice matches, and international tours to fine-tune their skills and develop team chemistry.

The team has set high expectations for themselves in the tournament. They aim to compete fiercely against some of the best young cricketers in the world and showcase their talent on the global stage. The coaching staff is confident in the abilities of the players and believes that they have what it takes to make a mark in the tournament.

The ICC World Cup 2024 will not only provide a platform for the Ireland Under-19s to showcase their skills but also serve as a valuable learning experience for the players. It will give them exposure to different playing conditions, strategies, and styles of cricket. Which will aid in their development as cricketers.


The announcement of the Ireland Under-19s squad for the ICC World Cup 2024 has generated excitement among cricket fans. The team is eager to take on the challenge and make their country proud. With a talented squad and thorough preparation. They are ready to compete against the best and leave a lasting impression in the tournament.

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