Mohammad Nabi: An Afghan Cricketing Legend

Mohammad Nabi: An Afghan Cricketing Legend

Mohammad Nabi Eisakhil: a name synonymous with resilience, skill, and unwavering dedication to the sport of cricket. From humble beginnings in war-torn Afghanistan, Nabi has risen to become an icon of his nation, inspiring generations of youngsters to dream big on the cricket field. Let’s delve into the life and career of this celebrated all-rounder, covering his journey, family, achievements, and current endeavors.

Afghanistan’s Cricketing Backbone

Born in Logar, Afghanistan, on January 1, 1985, Nabi’s childhood was marked by the realities of conflict. Yet, his passion for cricket burned bright, leading him to hone his skills at local grounds. His talent soon caught the eyes of selectors, and Nabi made his international debut in 2009, playing a pivotal role in Afghanistan’s first-ever One Day International (ODI) match.

Afghanistan’s Guiding Star

Nabi’s leadership qualities shone through early on. He captained Afghanistan in crucial tournaments like the 2014 Asia Cup, where they famously registered their first win against a Test-playing nation (Bangladesh). He again led the team during the 2015 World Cup, guiding them through challenging encounters and solidifying their position on the cricketing map.

Family – His Pillar of Strength

Nabi is a devoted family man. He is married to Shabana Nabi, and together they are proud parents of a son, Hamza. Family plays a crucial role in Nabi’s life, providing him with the unwavering support and motivation needed to navigate the rigors of professional cricket.

Age – A Seasoned Campaigner

At 39, Nabi remains a vital force in the Afghan team. His experience and wisdom are invaluable assets, guiding the younger players and helping them adapt to the ever-evolving demands of the sport.

Stats – A Testament to Skill

Sure, here is a table of Mohammad Nabi’s stats:

FormatMatchesRunsHighest ScoreAverageWicketsBest Bowling
ODIs1563208 11626.291624/30


  • Match 42 Vs SAF 2 (3)
  • Match 39 Vs AUS 12 (10)
  • Match 34 Vs NED 0 (0)
  • Match 30 Vs SRL 0 (0)
  • Match 22 Vs PAK 0 (0)
  • Match 16 Vs NZL 7 (9)
  • Match 13 Vs ENG 9 (15)
  • Match 9 Vs IND 19 (27)
  • Match 3 Vs BAN 6 (12)
  • Match 6 Vs SRL 65 (32)
  • 2nd T20I Vs IND 14 (18)
  • 1st T20I Vs IND 42 (27)
  • 3rd T20I Vs UAE 1 (2)
  • 2nd T20I Vs UAE 47 (27)
  • 1st T20I Vs UAE 4 (1)
  • 2nd T20I Vs BAN 16 (22)
  • 1st T20I Vs BAN 54 (40)
  • 3rd T20I Vs PAK 17 (10)
  • 2nd T20I Vs PAK 14 (9)
  • 1st T20I Vs PAK 38 (38)

IPL – Taking the Showpiece Stage

Nabi has been a regular feature in the Indian Premier League (IPL) since 2017, representing teams like Sunrisers Hyderabad, Delhi Capitals. And most recently, Kolkata Knight Riders. His all-round skills and veteran presence add immense value to any franchise he plays for.

IPL 2023 – Ready to Impress

With the IPL 2023 auction set to take place soon, Nabi is sure to be a hot prospect again. His experience, versatility, and impactful performances will make him a coveted player for many franchises.

Current Teams – Beyond the Boundaries

Nabi’s commitment to the sport extends beyond international cricket. He plays for various T20 leagues around the world, sharing his knowledge and skills with a global audience. He is currently the captain of the Afghanistan T20 team and has represented prestigious franchises like Karachi Kings and Kent County Cricket Club.

Net Worth – Building a Legacy

While exact figures remain undisclosed, Nabi’s successful career in international and franchise cricket has undoubtedly accumulated a healthy net worth. However, Nabi’s focus remains on contributing to the sport and inspiring generations to come.


Mohammad Nabi is not just a cricketer; he is a symbol of hope and resilience for millions in Afghanistan. His journey from a war-torn country to the international stage is an inspiration. And his dedication to the sport continues to elevate the country’s cricketing stature. As he steps onto the field, Mohammad Nabi embodies the spirit of an Afghan warrior. Fighting for success with every swing of the bat and every spin of the ball.

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