PSL 9 Supplymetry Draft 29 January 2024 and Picks order

PSL 9 Supplymetry Draft 29 January 2024 and Picks order

Get ready for another twist in the HBL Pakistan Super League 9 saga! The much-anticipated supplementary and replacement draft takes place on Monday, January 29th, promising to shake up the teams and reignite the competition.

This online event will see all six franchises vying for replacements for partially or fully unavailable players. Each team can appoint replacements from two Gold, Silver, Diamond, and Platinum category players, along with one player from the Supplementary category.

Who’s out, who’s in? The suspense keeps fans on the edge of their seats. Injuries, national commitments, and other unforeseen circumstances have opened doors for fresh talent to take the spotlight. Expect established stars and hidden gems to be picked, potentially altering the dynamics of the tournament.

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Here’s what you can expect:

  • Strategic maneuvering: Franchises will carefully assess their needs and gaps in the squad, using their draft picks to bolster their batting, bowling, or all-round firepower.
  • Bargain hunts: With talented players available in all categories. Shrewd franchises can snag hidden gems and potential match-winners at lower costs.
  • Upset potential: New faces joining the mix could disrupt established team combinations and strategies. Leading to surprising results on the field.

PSL 9 SUPPLYMENTRY DRAFT Mark your calendars for January 29th! Stay tuned for live updates. Expert analysis, and reactions as the PSL draft drama unfolds.

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