Tim David: The Explosive Powerhouse of Modern Cricket

Tim David The Explosive Powerhouse of Modern Cricket

Tim David, the Singapore-born wrecking ball of modern cricket, has become a synonymous name with audacious sixes, lightning-fast scoring, and electrifying energy. From representing Singapore on the world stage to switching allegiance and smashing records for Australia, his journey is as remarkable as his explosive batting style. Let’s delve into the world of Tim David, exploring his story, statistics, and current endeavors.

Tim David:

Age is just a number for Tim, who was born on March 16, 1996, making him 27 years young at the time of writing. Despite his relatively young age, he has already packed his cricketing career with experiences worth a veteran’s memoir. Though technically not single, his focus remains firmly on dominating the cricketing landscape.

Towering over most bowlers at 1.96 meters (6′ 5″), Tim David casts a formidable shadow on the pitch. His height plays a crucial role in his ability to generate immense power, launching those unforgettable sixes that leave commentators speechless and fans awestruck.

A Statistical Blitz:

The mere mention of Tim David evokes images of towering sixes and boundary-clearing blasts. But to truly appreciate his prowess, we need to dive into the cold, hard statistics. Here’s a snapshot of his impressive numbers:

FormatMatchesRunsHighest Score
T20 Franchise Leagues1123102140*

As these numbers indicate, Tim David is a force to be reckoned with in the shortest format. His average strike rate of 170+ across various T20 leagues speaks volumes about his ability to clear the ropes with alarming regularity.

Current Teams:

Tim David’s cricketing calendar is as packed as his innings are explosive. Here’s a quick rundown of his current teams:

  • Mumbai Indians (IPL): Tim is a prized asset for the Mumbai Indians, having been bought for a hefty sum in the 2022 IPL auction. He’ll be looking to wreak havoc with his bat in the upcoming IPL season.
  • Hobart Hurricanes (BBL): In the Big Bash League, Tim brings his pyrotechnics to the Hobart Hurricanes, where his six-hitting prowess is a major crowd-pleaser.
  • MI Cape Town (SA20):¬†Tim recently joined the MI Cape Town team for the inaugural SA20 tournament.¬†Adding another feather to his already impressive T20 cap.

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With these prestigious teams under his belt. Tim David is guaranteed to be on the forefront of the upcoming T20 seasons. Captivating audiences with his exhilarating batting displays.

IPL 2023 Price:

In the recent IPL 2023 auction, Tim David name sent shockwaves through the cricketing world. The Mumbai Indians, determined to retain their explosive powerhouse, splashed a whopping INR 8.5 crore to secure his services. This staggering price tag is a testament to his immense value and the impact he can create on the outcome of matches.

Tim David’s journey is far from over. His ability to consistently clear boundaries, his infectious energy. And his unwavering commitment to the game make him a genuine superstar in the making. As he continues to grace cricket fields around the world, one thing is certain. Tim David will leave fans on the edge of their seats, yearning for his next monstrous hit.

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